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Community input is essential to understand potential local IMD needs, priorities and improvement ideas. The project team has developed a Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) to guide community engagement throughout the planning process. We also welcome comments as well. Please contact the project team through the feedback section of the website. We look forward to working with you to improve the District’s biking and pedestrian infrastructure! 

Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP)

The SEP outlines the goals, activities and timelines of stakeholder outreach for the BPSP. The project team will use the framework established in the SEP to guide the collection and organization of input from all stakeholders. Stakeholder input will be used to identify the best solutions to issues or problems that arise as the project progresses through its technical analyses. The SEP is a dynamic document that will be revised and updated as necessary throughout the duration of the project. 

Interactive Public Input Tool

An interactive public input tool will be deployed in the near future to collect input on existing issues in the District, community priorities and potential improvements. This provides a way to receive valuable community input from the beginning of the project, to shape the improvement alternatives based on community feedback, and to reach more community members than a typical meeting.  

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Frequent User Meetings

A series of frequent users meetings will be convened to meet throughout the project to engage with those who utilize the biking and pedestrian infrastructure making up the IMD on a day to day basis. The purpose of these meetings will be to solicit feedback from this cohort and to ensure that the technical analysis and subsequent recommendations of the BPSP correspond to local conditions, needs and solutions. 

Neighboring Institutions Meetings

Similar to the frequent users cohort, a series of neighboring institutions meetings will be convened to meet throughout the project to engage with institutions and organizations who would also benefit from improvements to local biking and pedestrian infrastructure. However, their structure and frequency will vary from that of the frequent users. Below you can find the envisioned purpose and cadence of these meetings. 

Engagement & Pop Up Activities

There will be a range of non-targeted engagement activities throughout the project that anyone from the public will be able to participate in. These activities aim to provide the project team with a better understanding of the perspectives and wants of the local community. Two types of engagement and/or pop-up activities, a perspective “ride-along” and tabling events. The schedule for these events have yet to be determined, however, once dates, places and times are realized, the project team will be sure to adequately publicize them. 

Public Open House

It is anticipated that after the final report has been drafted, that the project team will conduct a public open house-style meeting to gather feedback on the draft. This may be conducted virtually or in a hybrid fashion; however, the project team will describe the purpose and goals of the project, the proposed implementations and justification, and provide an opportunity for feedback. The project team will provide a presentation and materials that may be recorded and placed elsewhere on this website. 

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